Extend VMware disk size

Use following command to extend the virtual disk of your vmware guest.

vmware-vdiskmanager options path_to_vm


vmware-vdiskmanager -x 80Gb "/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/Connexeon/testserver.vmdk"

Using log file /tmp/vmware-root/vdiskmanager.log
The old geometry C/H/S of the disk is: 5221/255/63
The new geometry C/H/S of the disk is: 10443/255/63
Disk expansion completed successfully.

WARNING: If the virtual disk is partitioned, you must use a third-party
         utility in the virtual machine to expand the size of the
         partitions. For more information, see:

This command will extend the disksize of your virtual machine to 80Gb (not extend with 80Gb !!).
The size is case sensitive, it’s Gb and NOT GB.